Genesys es un portal mundial de información sobre recursos fitogenéticos para la alimentación y la agricultura. Es el portal de enlace más grande de Internet, a través del cual los usuarios pueden descubrir el material existente en los bancos de germoplasma de todo el mundo.
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12 junio 2019

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25 mayo 2019
8 marzo 2019

Genesys Uploader 1.4 released

Última actualización por Matija Obreza hace 2 meses 03-may-2019

The updated Genesys Uploader 1.4 provides correct OAuth Client settings and fixes a few minor bugs identified in version 1.3.

Test the new Genesys website!

Última actualización por Matija Obreza hace 2 meses 30-abr-2019

The team worked on a new Genesys website since August 2018.

The updated website keeps the general Genesys look-and-feel, but adds interesting new functionality and features. Give it a try at and send us your feedback!

Server upgrade complete

Última actualización por Matija Obreza hace 2 meses 30-abr-2019

The servers running the Genesys cluster now operate with more memory and CPU resources.

The new database configuration is already showing improvements in response time and we will continue improving performance of Genesys in the future. Your feedback is welcome at

Server upgrade in progress

Última actualización por Matija Obreza hace 2 meses 30-abr-2019

We are upgrading the primary database server. Genesys will be in read-only mode until 18:00 CEST.

The read-only mode will result in error messages when you try to access functions that would modifiy records in the database.

NARC Jordan passport data

Última actualización por Matija Obreza hace 3 meses 05-mar-2019

The National Agricultural Research Center (NARC) of Jordan now provides passport data on close to 5,000 accessions in their collections.

Genesys updated with current EURISCO data

Última actualización por Matija Obreza hace 4 meses 26-feb-2019

Almost 2,000,000 accession records in Genesys were updated over the past couple of days with the current data from EURISCO. Some 14,000 new records were added. For most institutes the PDCI improved, indicating improved data coverage.

About 35K accessions from INRA (France) and CGN (Netherlands) were updated with their Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

Every WIEWS INSTCODE for which we have data in Genesys is now linked to a Data Provider -- this is a concept we introduced in the Genesys Catalog in 2018. Genesys now displays the source of data for every accession, for example shows ICARDA as data provider.

Through this process of linking institute codes to data providers we identified a few collections that no longer appear in EURISCO (a few from Poland and Romania) and that data was removed from Genesys.

About 120,000 records that were already marked as historical entries from VIR (RUS001) were deleted from the database because they were duplicates of current records (~200K).

For some reason we had data registered to USA200 (University of California) that in fact had to be USA129 (NPGS Repository for Citrus & Dates). Some 14K records were removed.

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