Find and request Hosackia material for research and breeding from ex situ genebank collections through Genesys.

Note: The species names in the list below are exactly as published by data providers.

  • Hosackia chihuahuana
  • Hosackia chihuahuana S.Watson
  • Hosackia chihuahuana S. Watson
  • Hosackia crassifolia
  • Hosackia crassifolia Benth.
  • Hosackia crassifolia Benth. var. crassifolia
  • Hosackia gracilis
  • Hosackia gracilis Benth.
  • Hosackia oblongifolia
  • Hosackia oblongifolia Benth.
  • Hosackia pinnata
  • Hosackia pinnata (Hook.) Abrams
  • Hosackia sp.
  • Lotus chihuahuanus
  • Lotus chihuahuanus (S.Watson) Greene
  • Lotus chihuahuanus (S. Watson) Greene
  • Lotus crassifolius
  • Lotus crassifolius (Benth.) Greene
  • Lotus formosissimus
  • Lotus formosissimus Greene
  • Lotus oblongifolius
  • Lotus oblongifolius (Benth.) Greene
  • Lotus pinnatus
  • Lotus pinnatus Hook.