Find and request Polystichum material for research and breeding from ex situ genebank collections through Genesys.

Note: The species names in the list below are exactly as published by data providers.

  • Polystichum acanthophyllum
  • Polystichum acanthophyllum (Franch.) Christ
  • Polystichum acrostichoides
  • Polystichum acrostichoides (Michx.) Schott
  • Polystichum aculeatum
  • Polystichum aculeatum (L.) Roth.
  • Polystichum aculeatum (L.) Roth ex Mert.
  • Polystichum aculeatum (L.) Roth
  • Polystichum braunii
  • Polystichum braunii (Spenn.) Fée
  • Polystichum lonchitis
  • Polystichum lonchitis (L.) Roth
  • Polystichum makinoi
  • Polystichum makinoi (Tagawa) Tagawa
  • Polystichum mohrioides
  • Polystichum mohrioides (Bory) C.Presl
  • Polystichum polyblepharum
  • Polystichum polyblepharum (Roem. ex Kunze) C. Presl
  • Polystichum retrorsopaleaceum
  • Polystichum retrorsopaleaceum (Kodama) Tagawa
  • Polystichum setiferum
  • Polystichum setiferum (Forssk.) Woyn.
  • Polystichum sp.
  • Polystichum tripteron
  • Polystichum tripteron (Kunze) C. Presl