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Note: The species names in the list below are exactly as published by data providers.

  • Pueraria lobata
  • Pueraria lobata (Willd.) Ohwi
  • Pueraria lobata (Willd.)Ohwi
  • Pueraria montana
  • Pueraria montana (Lour.) Merr. var. montana
  • Pueraria montana (Lour.) Merr. var. lobata (Willd.) Maesen & S. M. Almeida ex Sanjappa & Predeep
  • Pueraria montana var. lobata
  • Pueraria montana (Lour.) Merr.
  • Pueraria montana (LOUR.) MERRILL
  • Pueraria phaseoloides
  • Pueraria phaseoloides (Roxb.) Benth.
  • Pueraria phaseoloides var. javanica
  • Pueraria phaseoloides (ROXBURGH) BENTHAM
  • Pueraria phaseoloides (ROXBURGH) BENTH.
  • Pueraria phaseoloides var. javanica (Benth.) Baker
  • Pueraria phaseoloides (Roxb.) Benth. var. javanica (Benth.) Baker
  • Pueraria pulcherrima
  • Pueraria pulcherrima (Koord.) Koord.-Schum.
  • Pueraria sp.
  • Pueraria spp.
  • Pueraria stricta
  • Pueraria stricta KURZ
  • Pueraria thunbergiana
  • Pueraria tuberosa
  • Pueraria wallichii
  • Pueraria wallichii DECANDOLLE