Find and request Spergula material for research and breeding from ex situ genebank collections through Genesys.

Note: The species names in the list below are exactly as published by data providers.

  • Spergula arvensis
  • Spergula arvensis L. var. maxima
  • Spergula arvensis L.
  • Spergula arvensis L. var. arvensis
  • Spergula arvensis L. var. maxima (Weihe) Mert. & W.D.J.Koch
  • Spergula arvensis L. var. sativa (Boenn.) Mert. & W.D.J.Koch
  • Spergula arvensis ssp. arvensis L.
  • Spergula arvensis var. maxima
  • Spergula fallax
  • Spergula fallax (Lowe) E.H.L.Krause
  • Spergula fallax (Lowe) Krause
  • Spergula flaccida
  • Spergula flaccida Asch.
  • Spergula marina
  • Spergula marina (L.) Bartl. & H.L.Wendl.
  • Spergula morisonii
  • Spergula morisonii Boreau
  • Spergula pentandra
  • Spergula pentandra L.
  • Spergula sp.
  • Spergula vernalis
  • Spergula vernalis auct.
  • Spergula viscosa
  • Spergula viscosa Lag.
  • Spergula vulgaris