Morphoagronomic and isoenzymatic characterization of 19 Leucaena spp. accessions

The objective of this work was to evaluate the existing diversity degree in 23 Leucaena accessions, regarding the morphoagronomic and isoenzymatic characteristics. Five species of this genus were included (L. leucocephala, L. lanceolata, L. diversifolia, L. macrophylla and L. esculenta), in addition to the commercial cultivars. The following aspects were evaluated: plant height, number of branches, stem diameter, performance of the phenological flowering and fructification patterns, number of pinnae per leaf and of pinnules per pinna, among others.

Besides the electrophoretic analyses peroxidases (Prx), "- and ß- esterases (Est), malate dehydrogenase (Mdh) and alcohol dehydrogenase (Adh) were conducted. The accessions fulfilled the predetermined selection criteria regarding the morphoagronomic characteristics, although not in the same time. In this sense, L. leucocephala cv. Cunningham, cv. Peru, CIAT-9119, CIAT-9438, CIAT-751, CIAT-7988, CIAT-7384, CIAT-7929, CIAT-17480, cv. Ipil-Ipil and cv. CNIA-250; L. lanceolata CIAT-17255 and CIAT-17501, and L. diversifolia CIAT-17270, stood out. The existence of genetic variability within the collection could be detected. The isoenzymatic systems (esterases and peroxidases) turned out to be polymorphic in the studied sample, mainly esterases. On the other hand, the analysis of genetic diversity allowed differentiating L. leucocephala more clearly as compared to the other studied species, although no better discrimination was made within the species.

Number of accessions
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1 October 2011
Published in Genesys
21 May 2024
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R. Ortíz Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Agrícolas (INCA), Cuba

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2. 7384Leucaena leucocephala • Wild • COL
COL003 • DOI: 10.18730/KERFG
3. 7929Leucaena leucocephala • Wild • BRA
COL003 • DOI: 10.18730/KYCX9
4. 7988Leucaena leucocephala • Wild • BRA
COL003 • DOI: 10.18730/KXXQ4
5. 9119Leucaena leucocephala • Wild • COL
COL003 • DOI: 10.18730/KG3DN
6. 9438Leucaena leucocephala • Wild • MEX
COL003 • DOI: 10.18730/KG9GZ
7. 17225Leucaena esculenta • Wild • MEX
COL003 • DOI: 10.18730/KY59R
8. 17229Leucaena esculenta • Wild • MEX
COL003 • DOI: 10.18730/KNTAW
9. 17231Leucaena macrophylla • Wild • MEX
COL003 • DOI: 10.18730/KNTCY
10. 17232Leucaena macrophylla • Wild • MEX
COL003 • DOI: 10.18730/KY55M
11. 17233Leucaena macrophylla • Wild • MEX
COL003 • DOI: 10.18730/KZT4D
12. 17238Leucaena macrophylla • Wild • MEX
COL003 • DOI: 10.18730/KNT1K
13. 17240Leucaena macrophylla • Wild • MEX
COL003 • DOI: 10.18730/KNT2M
14. 17253Leucaena lanceolata • Wild • MEX
COL003 • DOI: 10.18730/KY5M=
15. 17255Leucaena lanceolata • Wild • MEX
COL003 • DOI: 10.18730/M0TB8
16. 17270Leucaena diversifolia • Wild • MEX
COL003 • DOI: 10.18730/KY50F
17. 17480Leucaena leucocephala • Wild • BRA
COL003 • DOI: 10.18730/KP1WB
19. 17503Leucaena diversifolia • Wild • GTM
COL003 • DOI: 10.18730/M0QP$