ISO-3166 code AUS

More information
ISO-3166 3-alpha: AUS, ISO-3166 2-alpha: AU
Provenance of accessions
Most represented Species
Triticum aestivum
Hordeum vulgare
Trifolium subterraneum
Pisum sativum
Avena sativa
Data providers to Genesys
295,462 accessions at 3 institutes
215,067 accessions
24 genebanks registered in FAO WIEWS database
AUS001 • CSIRO Division of Plant Industry, Institute of Plant Production and Processing
AUS002 • Western Australian Department of Agriculture
AUS003 • Australian Winter Cereals Collection, Agricultural Research Centre
AUS006 • Australian Medicago Genetic Resources Centre, South Australian Research and Development Institute
AUS020 • Herbarium of the Northern Territory
AUS032 • National White Clover Improvement Programme, Agricultural Research and Advisory Station
AUS033 • Tropical Fruit Research Station, Department of Agriculture
AUS035 • Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Maroochy Research Station
AUS036 • Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries
AUS037 • Agricultural Research and Advisory Station, Department of Agriculture
AUS038 • Horticultural Research and Advisory Station, Department of Agriculture
AUS043 • South Johnstone Research Station Queensland Department Primary Industries
AUS048 • Australian Tropical Crops & Forages Genetic Resources Centre
AUS089 • Western Australia Herbarium Department of Agriculture
AUS091 • School of Plant Biology, Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, University of Western Australia
AUS098 • Adelaide Botanic Gardens
AUS107 • Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
AUS116 • Botanic Gardens
AUS137 • Australian Trifolium Genetic Resource Centre, Western Australian Department of Agriculture
AUS139 • Australian National Botanic Gardens
AUS140 • Gascoyne Research Station Department of Agriculture
AUS158 • NT Herbarium, Conservation Commission of the Nothern Territory
AUS165 • Australian Grains Genebank, Agriculture Victoria
AUS167 • Australian Pastures Genebank