ISO-3166 code GBR

United Kingdom
ISO-3166 3-alpha: GBR, ISO-3166 2-alpha: GB
Provenance of accessions
Most represented Species
Hordeum vulgare
Triticum aestivum
Pisum sativum
Brassica oleracea
Avena sativa
Data providers to Genesys
28 genebanks registered in FAO WIEWS database
GBR001 • School of Biological Sciences, University of Southampton
GBR003 • School of Biological Sciences, The University of Birmingham
GBR004 • Millennium Seed Bank - Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
GBR006 • Warwick Genetic Resources Unit
GBR012 • East Malling Research
GBR016 • Genetic Resources Unit, Institute of Biological, Environmental & Rural Sciences, Aberystwyth University
GBR028 • Botanic Gardens, University of Liverpool
GBR030 • National Fruit Collections, University of Reading
GBR037 • University Botanic Garden, Cambridge University
GBR040 • National Institute of Agricultural Botany
GBR048 • Scottish Crop Research Institute
GBR070 • Rothamsted Experimental Station, Institute of Arable Crops Research
GBR075 • Flora of Turkey Unit, Royal Botanic Garden
GBR088 • Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
GBR095 • Royal Botanic Garden
GBR140 • Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre
GBR142 • Botanic Gardens Conservation Secretariat
GBR165 • Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture, Scottish Government
GBR186 • Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens
GBR207 • Department of Horticulture, School of Plant Sciences, University of Reading
GBR212 • Northern Ireland Horticultural and Plant Breeding Station
GBR213 • Scottish Agricultural College
GBR234 • The Botanical Society of the British Isles
GBR245 • Wye Hops Limited
GBR247 • Germplasm Resources Unit, John Innes Centre, Norwich Research Park
GBR251 • The James Hutton Institute
GBR252 • Plant Heritage
GBR278 • International Cocoa Quarantine Centre