ISO-3166 code MWI

More information
ISO-3166 3-alpha: MWI, ISO-3166 2-alpha: MW
Provenance of accessions
Most represented Species
Uapaca kirkiana
Phaseolus vulgaris
Sorghum bicolor
Cajanus cajan
Vigna unguiculata
7 genebanks registered in FAO WIEWS database
MWI002 • Chitedze Agricultural Research Station
MWI003 • Department of Vegetable Breeding Horticultural Experiment Station
MWI004 • Bunda College of Agriculture
MWI006 • Bvumbwe Agricultural Research Station
MWI033 • National Herbarium and Botanic Gardens of Malawi
MWI038 • Department of Agricultural Research Services
MWI041 • Malawi Plant Genetic Resources Centre