ISO-3166 code VNM

More information
ISO-3166 3-alpha: VNM, ISO-3166 2-alpha: VN
Provenance of accessions
Most represented Species
Oryza sativa
Glycine max
Arachis hypogaea
Brassica juncea
Vigna radiata
Data providers to Genesys
10 accessions at 1 institutes
10 accessions
51 genebanks registered in FAO WIEWS database
VNM002 • National Genebank
VNM003 • Beans Research Centre, University of Can Tho
VNM006 • Food Crops Research Institute
VNM007 • Phu Ho Fruit Crops Research Centre
VNM008 • Institute of Agricultural Sciences for Southern Vietnam
VNM009 • Rubber Research Institute
VNM010 • Cuu Long Rice Research Institute
VNM011 • Maize Research Centre
VNM013 • Cotton Institute for Research and Development
VNM015 • Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute
VNM025 • Tea Research Institute of Vietnam
VNM026 • Ba Vi Station Of Tobacco
VNM040 • Phu Guy Fruit Research Centre
VNM042 • Lam Dong Agro-Forestry Research and Experiment Centre
VNM043 • Livestock Research Institute
VNM049 • Plant Resources Center
VNM072 • National Institute for Soils and Fertilizers
VNM073 • Ba Vi National Park
VNM076 • Vegetable and Fruit Crops Research Institute
VNM079 • Southern Fruit Research Institute
VNM085 • The Western Highlands Agro-Forestry Science and Technical Institute
VNM088 • Ba Vi Coffee Research Center
VNM090 • National Institute for Plant Protection
VNM117 • Legume Research and Development Centre
VNM119 • North Central Agricultural Research and Development Center
VNM120 • Sugar Cane Research and Development Center
VNM121 • Research Centre for Cultivation and Processing of Medicinal Plants
VNM122 • Lam Dong Agro-Forestry Research and Experiment Center
VNM125 • Viet Hung Mulberry Experimental Station
VNM129 • Hybrid Rice Research and Development Center
VNM130 • Northern Mountain Agricultural Research Center
VNM131 • Agricultural Research Center for Coastal South Central Vietnam
VNM132 • Potato, Vegetable and Flower Research Center
VNM135 • Bao Loc Tea Research and Development Center
VNM137 • Dairy Cattle And Pasture Research Center
VNM147 • The Station Of Crops Research For Drought Land
VNM157 • Binh Thuan Seed Center
VNM166 • Ma Lam Seed Station
VNM226 • National Plant Genetic Resources Conservation System For Food And Agriculture
VNM237 • Soutnern Seed Joint-stock Company
VNM245 • Pasture and Forage Department
VNM246 • Bao Loc District, Lam Dong Province
VNM250 • Field Genebank Division
VNM254 • Plant Breeding And Genetics Department
VNM258 • Cucphuong National Park
VNM260 • Tam Dao National Park
VNM261 • Seed Genebank Division
VNM265 • South-east Fruit Reserch Centre
VNM329 • Cuu Long Delta Rice Research Institute
VNM331 • Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute