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PI 639253
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PI 639253
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14 September 2004
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Selected from Ben Shermen. A selection of 100 non-bolting bulbs was made from a planting with >90% bolting. Bulbs were selfed, leaving one umbel of each to intercross. Tests on self progeny indicated one bulb selection (7933) to be superior in bolting resistance and bulb shape. 'NuMex Sundial' and 'NuMex Suntop' were derived by two cycles of selection from the open-pollinated (intercross) progeny from 7933.
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Allium cepa L. var. cepa
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NuMex Sundial
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NuMex Sundial
Short day onion. A yellow, intermediate variety described as a "hard, tough onion". This variety resembles "Yellow Sweet Spanish" in most characteristics. Tops are large and non-glaucous. Bulbs are globe to high-globe, very hard, and have a smooth, tan scale. Bulbs are firmer than most Sweet Spanish cultivars, and matures 3-4 weeks earlier than the Utah strain of "Yellow Sweet Spanish". Its handling characteristics have generally been rated high. It has excellent tolorance to pink root disease. NuMex Sundial can be used for spring-seeding, but will produce larger bulbs if fall-seeded. From fall-seeding, it produces excellent yields of large onions. Spring-seeded yields are somewhat less than other spring-seeded intermediates, and tends to produce small-medium sized onions.
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28 January 2021
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