23 February 2014

Your IP address

IP addresses of computers accessing Genesys are stored in “access logs”. This information is used to analyze Genesys use and use trends. Additionally, the IP addresses are tracked with any login attempts to Genesys.

Registered users

A user account is required if you wish to manage your institute’s data in Genesys or to access Genesys data through REST API. A valid email address is required to register a user account with Genesys. We will use this email address to contact you for issues related to Genesys.


Genesys uses HTTP cookies to track your user session on the server. The cookies allow the server to keep your information linked with your current browsing session. Data about selected accessions in “My List” is an example where the cookies are used to keep your data linked to your browsing session.

Cookies on Genesys servers are set to expire in less than one day.