Uploader 1.8 available!

By matija.obreza@croptrust.org
11 December 2021

A new release of Genesys Uploader 1.8 for Java 11 is available for download!

The release includes a number of minor fixes to improve application stability and adds support for speciftying the Genesys Crop of an accession via CROPCODE field and to provide your internal accession database record identifier with DATAPROVIDERID.

Genesys normally uses MCPD CROPNAME to associate an accession with one of the Genesys Crops. The new CROPCODE mapping enables you to specify the exact Genesys crop or crop group regardless of CROPNAME.

Providing DATAPROVIDERID with an accession record enables a more direct correlation between individual accession records in your databases and Genesys. If you update accession numbers while maintaining the same DATAPROVIDERID then Genesys will be able correctly update the existing record instead of creating a new accession in its database.

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