Recording: How to use Genesys

24 March 2022

The recording of the webinar “How to use Genesys” is now available.

Many thanks to everyone who attended our How to use Genesys webinar on 22 March. We hope it helped you get to grips with the possibilities of the portal. Special thanks to all who asked questions during the webinar.

In How to use Genesys (watch again!) we discussed:

The basics:

Some useful tools:

Browsing and visualization:

  • Browsing the database by crop 00:13:37

  • Using the filtering panel and downloading MCPD files 00:15:38

  • Data visualization: Overviews 00:18:22

  • Data visualization: Maps 00:19:24

Filtering and searching passport data:

The session ended with a 40-minute Q&A session with Matija Obreza, head of genebank information systems at the Crop Trust. He covered the re-use of data from Genesys, different file formats generated by Genesys, updating and uploading passport data, FIGS subsetting and filtering by climatic parameters, availability of different data types in Genesys, and more.

For questions that haven’t been covered in the Q&A, please feel free to contact

Topics for future webinars include:

  • Subsets: Core collections, Reference sets, purpose-built sets of accessions

  • Trait data: Descriptors and trait datasets

  • Crop diversity trees

  • Genesys tools for passport data validation

  • Uploading to Genesys


Stay tuned!

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