Embedded Genesys

By christelle.rabil@croptrust.org
18 May 2022

What is Embedded Genesys and its newest features.

Are you a genebank data manager who is looking to publish your genebank’s accession-level data online for users and researchers?

Well, here’s some good news for you. Instead of hosting and maintaining a separate database, paying for a web server and setting up a new domain name, you can use Embedded Genesys to integrate your data from Genesys directly into your institutional website!

For demonstration purposes, we created this web page to demonstrate embedding data of the CIAT and ITC collections from Genesys in a third party website.

How does this work?

Embedded Genesys is a Javascript library that interacts with Genesys servers and mirrors a given genebank’s data on another website. It includes support for browsing and searching passport data, displaying accession details, maps, subsets and datasets associated with each accession, as well for calculating Passport Data Completeness Index. It even has an  option to handle germplasm requests.

The latest feature added to Embedded Genesys is the Similarity Search. When an accession is marked as unavailable, users can search for similar accessions and request one of the provided alternatives instead. 

The current release of Embedded Genesys library is available on https://www.npmjs.com/package/@genesys-pgr/ui-embedded.

Fore more information, please contact helpdesk@genesys-pgr.com 

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