More features added in July!

28 July 2023

Read about the improvements and new features added to Genesys in July 2023.

Requests for genebank material

Registered users will find the list of the requests for genebank material filed through Genesys in their Dashboard.


Look for the menu called Requests. Genebank staff can also access the list of all requests that users sent to them.


We hope you find this informative and please let us know how you would like this improved.

Downloading trait data

After you've made your selection by applying trait filters, you may need a copy of the data. The Download button will generate an Excel file with trait data matching your query, a sheet with coded data, the accession list (basic data only, not full passport data), descriptor definitions, and other metadata associated with the dataset.


Traits on accession page

As you browse around Genesys and look at accession details, the details page will now display trait data associated with the accession. The information displayed includes trait names, links to the corresponding descriptor, and the observed trait values.

Please note that this includes only traits from datasets that the genebank has already made available in Genesys in searchable form. As this is a fairly new feature in Genesys, please allow some time for genebanks to convert their datasets.


Resetting your Genesys password

A few of you asked why your Genesys password cannot be reset. First, if you use Google Mail (i.e. your email is then we strongly advise you to login to Genesys using the Google login option:



This is the safest way to login to Genesys and we won't even prompt you for your password (we don't want to know it) and you won't have to remember another password!

But if you're still using a Genesys login+password combination, then you'll be happy to know that we fixed a bug that was introduced in the previous Genesys update, that prevented users from resetting their Genesys passwords.

Subsetting Tool

We fixed some bugs that users reported after the first release of the Subsetting Tool, and improved the user interface to help you navigate the tool better.


We updated all pie charts, line charts, histograms, etc. to give them a more consistent look. We hope you like them!

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