Accessions from USDA updated

21 June 2024

We've updated all records from USDA's National Plant Germplasm System in Genesys!

Please note that NPGS germplasm is not available for individual, home, or community gardening, or for home schooling or K-12 public or private school projects.

The NPGS distributes plant germplasm to professional plant breeders and other career research scientists. Requests from producers will be considered individually, when NPGS germplasm is not readily available from commercial sources. Requests for educational purposes are usually considered only from college/university faculty and students when NPGS material is integral to the project. Educational requests submitted by students should be accompanied by an endorsement from a sponsoring faculty. Any requestor may be required to provide additional information about their order, including a detailed explanation of intended purpose and proof of affiliation or professional status.

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