Embedding Genesys into your website

The latest addition to Genesys is the ability to integrate with existing institutional websites. Visitors to your existing website can seamlessly search and browse passport data of your collection, powered by Genesys.

Access to genebank data is often not available directly from institutional websites. With this new functionality you don’t need a separate database, web server and domain name. You can copy a few lines of HTML code and paste them into an existing page. The data is retrieved from Genesys and integrated directly into your website.

The first public release of @genesys-pgr/ui-embedded includes: a tabular list of accessions in your collection with search mechanism powered by Genesys, a display of accession details and images, a graphical overview of the collection (by species, provenance, etc.), accession maps and the shopping cart. The shopping cart feature is disabled by default and must be explicitly enabled.

Embedded Genesys allows translation to any language, but is currently only available in English. Full support for Spanish and French are planned for the next release.

You can find the technical details at https://www.npmjs.com/package/@genesys-pgr/ui-embedded. This utility is maintained by the development team responsible for Genesys.

As ever, you can contact helpdesk@genesys-pgr.org for assistance.