ISO-3166 code IDN

ISO-3166 3-alpha: IDN, ISO-3166 2-alpha: ID
Provenance of accessions
Most represented Species
Oryza sativa
Glycine max
Arachis hypogaea
Ipomoea batatas
Manihot esculenta
36 genebanks registered in FAO WIEWS database
IDN002 • National Biological Institute
IDN009 • Central Research Institute for Agriculture
IDN014 • Purwodadi Botanical Garden
IDN019 • Bogor Botanical Garden
IDN026 • Lembang Research Institute for Food Crops
IDN028 • University of Udayana
IDN030 • Bogor Agricultural University
IDN035 • Kebun Raya Botanical Gardens
IDN039 • Treub Laboratory, Botanical Research Centre c/o Bogor Botanic Garden
IDN090 • Herbarium Bogoriense
IDN091 • Herbarium Bogoriense Lembaga Biologi Nasional, LIPI
IDN095 • Botanic Gardens of Indonesia
IDN102 • Eka Karya Botanic Gardens
IDN175 • Indonesian Vegetables Research Institute
IDN177 • Indonesian Legume and Tuber Crops Research Institute
IDN179 • Indonesian Center for Agricultural Biotechnology and Genetic Resources Research and Development
IDN181 • Indonesian Medicinal and Aromatic Crops Research Institute
IDN182 • Indonesian Center for Rice Research
IDN183 • Indonesian Tropical Fruits Research Institute
IDN184 • Indonesian Research Institute for Estate Crops
IDN185 • Indonesian Sugar Research Institute
IDN186 • Indonesian Ornamental Plants Research Institute
IDN187 • Indonesian Spices and Industrial Crops Research Institute
IDN188 • Indonesian Cereals Research Institute
IDN189 • Indonesian Tobacco and Fiber Crops Research Institute
IDN190 • Indonesian Coconut and Palmae Research Institute
IDN191 • Indonesian Rubber Research Institute
IDN192 • Indonesian Coffe and Cocoa Research Institute
IDN193 • Indonesian Palm Oil Research Institute
IDN204 • Indonesian Citrus and Subtropical Fruits Research Institute
IDN331 • Center for Tropical Fruith Studies
IDN338 • Indonesian Centre for Rice Research
IDN350 • Tepus and Wonosadi Farmer's Group
IDN352 • Environment Office of Sleman district
IDN414 • Aceh Rice Research Institute