ISO-3166 code LBN

More information
ISO-3166 3-alpha: LBN, ISO-3166 2-alpha: LB
Provenance of accessions
Most represented Species
Triticum turgidum
Triticum aestivum
Triticum urartu
Sorghum bicolor
Hordeum vulgare
Data providers to Genesys
152,367 accessions at 2 institutes
152,297 accessions
8 genebanks registered in FAO WIEWS database
LBN002 • International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas
LBN020 • Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute
LBN033 • Lebanese Environment and Development Observatory
LBN043 • LARI (Plant Breeding Department)
LBN071 • American University of Beirut (Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences)
LBN088 • Buzuruna Juzuruna
LBN128 • Michel Ayoub
LBN129 • Green Hand Organisation