What is Genesys?

By helpdesk@genesys-pgr.org
9 October 2015

Genesys is a database which allows users to explore the world’s crop diversity conserved in genebanks through a single website.

First launched in 2008, it contains about 4 million genebank accessions, which is around a half of the estimated total number in the world.

Genesys allows breeders and other genebank users to quickly search for – and request – crop samples located in 459 institutes around the globe. Instead of trawling through numerous separate databases, users find in Genesys a single entry-point to information about genebank accessions.

Genesys serves two distinct but connected groups of people. There are the genebanks, institutes and research centers who use Genesys to publish accession data on the portal. Then, there are those – breeders, researchers, and policymakers – who use Genesys to inform their own work.

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