What is Genesys?

Genesys PGR (Plant Genetic Resources) is a free online global portal which allows the exploration of the world’s crop diversity through a single website.

First launched in 2008, it is the largest database of plant genetic resources, containing 2.8 million genebank accessions, which add up to around a third of the world’s genebank samples.

Genesys is a powerful platform that allows breeders and other genebank users to quickly search for – and request – crop samples located in 446 institutes around the globe. Instead of trawling through numerous databases, users find in Genesys one single entry-point to global PGR information.

How does Genesys work?

Genesys makes it easy for anyone with a collection of crop diversity to share their data. Partner institutions upload information about their crop accessions to the portal. Users can then explore this vast resource using a variety of criteria. Once they have found what they are looking for, users can request seeds and other planting materials from many of the genebanks holding them.

Find out how to use Genesys here.

Why is Genesys important?

To protect the future of the world’s food supply, we must increase crop productivity and develop cultivars which are better adapted to increasingly difficult environmental and biological challenges. Breeders and researchers develop these new cultivars by delving into the vast crop diversity found in genebanks, wherein they find plant genetic resources that will provide the adaptations required for the crops of the future.