Genesys é um portal global de informação sobre recursos genéticos vegetais para alimentação e agricultura. É o maior gateway através do qual usuários descobrem material em bancos genéticos de todo o mundo.
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12 Abril 2019
11 Abril 2019

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8 Março 2019
29 Dezembro 2018
29 Dezembro 2018
28 Dezembro 2018

NARC Jordan passport data

Última atualização feita por Matija Obreza 2 meses atrás 5/mar/2019

The National Agricultural Research Center (NARC) of Jordan now provides passport data on close to 5,000 accessions in their collections.

Genesys updated with current EURISCO data

Última atualização feita por Matija Obreza 2 meses atrás 26/fev/2019

Almost 2,000,000 accession records in Genesys were updated over the past couple of days with the current data from EURISCO. Some 14,000 new records were added. For most institutes the PDCI improved, indicating improved data coverage.

About 35K accessions from INRA (France) and CGN (Netherlands) were updated with their Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

Every WIEWS INSTCODE for which we have data in Genesys is now linked to a Data Provider -- this is a concept we introduced in the Genesys Catalog in 2018. Genesys now displays the source of data for every accession, for example shows ICARDA as data provider.

Through this process of linking institute codes to data providers we identified a few collections that no longer appear in EURISCO (a few from Poland and Romania) and that data was removed from Genesys.

About 120,000 records that were already marked as historical entries from VIR (RUS001) were deleted from the database because they were duplicates of current records (~200K).

For some reason we had data registered to USA200 (University of California) that in fact had to be USA129 (NPGS Repository for Citrus & Dates). Some 14K records were removed.

Genesys Uploader 1.3

Última atualização feita por Genesys Helpdesk 5 meses atrás 21/nov/2018

The 1.3 release of Genesys Uploader tool and user manual is available for download.

Database upgrade

Última atualização feita por Matija Obreza 6 meses atrás 14/out/2018

Genesys database upgrade took a few hours to migrate to a more efficient data model, resulting in faster updating and querying of accession data.

This update extends Genesys with support for publishing Datasets and Subsets, uses enhanced file repository with permission management and includes SFTP for managing accession images and documents.

EMBRAPA shares data for more than 190.000 accessions on Genesys

Última atualização feita por Matija Obreza 7 meses atrás 2/out/2018

We are happy to announce that the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA) is now a data provider to Genesys, thanks to a collaboration undertaken by the Crop Wild Relatives Project to strengthen genebank information systems globally. Genesys users can find now information about rice, beans, barley, wheat and other crops currently conserved throughout the different collections of the Brazilian system.

Genesys cluster upgrade completed

Última atualização feita por Matija Obreza 10 meses atrás 15/jun/2018

The Genesys server cluster upgrade is completed. 

Read the Genesys Report we presented at the recent 2018 GRIN-Global & Genesys workshop.

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