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Genesys is a global portal to information about Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. It is a gateway from which germplasm accessions from genebanks around the world can be easily found and ordered. Read more about Genesys...

Recent activity

Recent activity

World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) data updated

Passport data for material in seed bank is now published on Genesys. Browse ICRAF seed bank data.

Last updated by Matija Obreza 1 week ago Feb 19, 2015

ICRISAT genebank collections

Genesys now contains up-to-date passport data of material maintained at International Crop Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics.

Last updated by Matija Obreza 2 months ago Dec 16, 2014

Introducing data overviews

Data overviews provide a quick summary on composition of accession collections. Overall overview of data in Genesys shows that wheat, rice, barley, maize and sorghum represent 35% of accessions in Genesys. 15% of accessions in Genesys were matched with Svalbard Global Seed Vault data.

Look for "Overview" links on institute and country pages and the "Overview" button when browsing and filtering data.

Last updated by Matija Obreza 6 months ago Sep 2, 2014

AVRDC passport data updated

Passport data of accessions held by Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center is updated in Genesys.

Last updated by Matija Obreza 7 months ago Aug 1, 2014

Sunflower is now included in the list of crops on Genesys!

Explore sunflower data...

Last updated by Matija Obreza 7 months ago Jul 24, 2014

Wheat Genetic Resources Center is a new member of Genesys community.

Last updated by Matija Obreza 10 months ago May 8, 2014