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Genesys is a global portal to information about Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (PGRFA). It is a gateway from which germplasm accessions from genebanks around the world can be easily found and ordered.

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Accession map

The map shows the collecting site of geo-referenced accessions.

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Introduction to accession Passport Data

A brief introduction to passport pata is now available: Accession passport data basics. The manual contains basic information on commonly used standards for accession documentation and formats for data exchange.

We're looking forward to your feedback! Contact us at helpdesk@genesys-pgr.org

Last updated by Matija Obreza 6 days ago Feb 5, 2016

Genesys Advisory Committee

The Crop Trust announces the introduction of the official Genesys Advisory Committee.

Last updated by Matija Obreza 3 weeks ago Jan 19, 2016

Introduction to Genesys video

How does Genesys work? How to use Genesys? Watch the three-minute video!


Last updated by Matija Obreza 2 months ago Dec 23, 2015

ICRISAT and AfricaRice data up-to-date

ICRISAT and AfricaRice, two international agricultural research institutes, have updated their records of the accessions in their collections.

ICRISAT maintains 123,023 accessions of sorghum, pearl millet, chickpea, pigeonpea, finger millet, groundnut and other small millets. AfricaRice maintains a collection of 19,621 rice accessions.

Last updated by Matija Obreza 4 months ago Oct 22, 2015

Accession records of Vavilov Institute (RUS001) match EURISCO

We have received reports of differences in accession-level data from Vavilov institute (RUS001) on Genesys, EURISCO database and in VIRDB database. The difference in numbers was significant: EURISCO contained 123,430 accession records from VIR, VIRDB contained 230,000 and Genesys reported over 330,000 records from the Vavilov Research Institute.

Our database contained VIR records that are not registered in the current EURISCO database. These records had “VIR” as a prefix of the accession number. The records were added to the Genesys database before 2013 and we were unable to track down the original source of data. We have removed the conflicting records from the active Genesys database and have obtained a dataset matching EURISCO data.

Genesys features Universally Unique Identifiers (UUID) for accession records and makes records accessible through Permanent URLs using PURL.org service. The archived records remain resolvable and accessing the PURLs of archived records will return the archived data. One example is accession record VIR100000053: https://purl.org/germplasm/id/b41778b1-a8be-4eb2-9e4e-b02014281ab6

Future updates of VIR data will generate proper records in Genesys. With this action, we have moved 217,178 accession records with “VIR” prefix to the Genesys archive and they are no longer listed in the active database.

Last updated by Matija Obreza 4 months ago Oct 22, 2015

October Upgrade

Genesys portal received an updated look-and-feel that makes it more intuitive to understand and use. We’ve added URL Shortener service so you can easily share your filtered results. We’ve introduced filtering on automatically-detected accession “sequence” number. We’ve made the PDCI charts public and also display climatic information from collecting site for geo-referenced accessions.

Cluster instances on Amazon EC2 were upgraded from Ubuntu 14.10 LTS to Ubuntu 15.04. We upgraded Java to OpenJDK 8 as Genesys relies on some of the new Java 8 features. Programming wise, we’ve upgraded Spring Framework from 3.2.10 release to 4.2.1. Updated caching headers ensure that you’re browsing Genesys securely, while allowing for some content to be efficiently cached. The list of changes to the source code is available though the Genesys git repository at Bitbucket.

Last updated by Matija Obreza 4 months ago Oct 9, 2015
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