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Genesys is a global portal to information about Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (PGRFA). It is a gateway from which germplasm accessions from genebanks around the world can be easily found and ordered.

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List of passport data updates

Last updated by Matija Obreza 2 weeks ago May 15, 2017

The Last updates of passport data shows the dates and numbers of accessions (historic or active) last uploaded to Genesys by our partners. Similar information is displayed for every genebank in their Genesys profile page (e.g. IITA has updated 30,479 records on 12 October 2016 at the time of writing).

Direct link to Last updates of passport data is located in the "About Genesys" section of the Genesys navigation bar.


Last updated by Nora Castaneda-Alvarez 2 months ago Mar 22, 2017

CATIE added their coffee collection (1,990 accessions) to Genesys.

How to use Genesys?

Last updated by Matija Obreza 3 months ago Mar 10, 2017

Visit the Genesys PGR playlist on Youtube.

Centre for Pacific Crops and Trees

Last updated by Matija Obreza 7 months ago Nov 1, 2016

Accession passport data of CePaCT collection is included in Genesys.

Australian Grains Genebank

Last updated by Matija Obreza 7 months ago Nov 1, 2016

Australian Grains Genebank is publishing passport data on 138,016 accessions in their collection.

Data from EURISCO refreshed

Last updated by Matija Obreza 7 months ago Oct 28, 2016

Latest update from EURISCO database added almost 700,000 Arabidopsis records!

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