Banque national de gènes de Tunisie

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Average PDCI score for 3,166 accessions is 6.63, with minimum score of 4.80 and maximum score of 7.30.

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The National Genebank of Tunisia (NGBT) is an administrative institution under the authority of the Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment of Tunisia. NGBT started its activities in November 2007 with the mandate to coordinate and promote the conservation and sustainable use of plants, animals and micro-organisms. NGBT has a capacity for ex situ conservation of 200,000 seed accessions, 300,000 samples in cryopreservation at its headquarters in Tunis and a 20 hectares field genebank in Takelsa (Governorate of Nabeul, north-eastern Tunisia). Currently, the seed genebank conserves about 40,000 accessions, including a large diversity of crop species such as cereal crops that have been historically staple crops in North Africa. Our genebank conserves important wheat and barley materials from Tunisia, a center of diversification of these crop species.