Genesys 是专门提供食品与农业植物基因资源信息的全球性门户网站。通过这个最大的互联网门户站点,用户可以在世界各地的基因库里搜寻素材。
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最后由 Nora Castaneda-Alvarez 更新 1 个月 前 2017-3-22

CATIE added their coffee collection (1,990 accessions) to Genesys.

How to use Genesys?

最后由 Matija Obreza 更新 2 个月 前 2017-3-10

Visit the Genesys PGR playlist on Youtube.

Centre for Pacific Crops and Trees

最后由 Matija Obreza 更新 6 个月 前 2016-11-1

Accession passport data of CePaCT collection is included in Genesys.

Australian Grains Genebank

最后由 Matija Obreza 更新 6 个月 前 2016-11-1

Australian Grains Genebank is publishing passport data on 138,016 accessions in their collection.

Data from EURISCO refreshed

最后由 Matija Obreza 更新 6 个月 前 2016-10-28

Latest update from EURISCO database added almost 700,000 Arabidopsis records!

Genesys upgrade completed

最后由 Matija Obreza 更新 6 个月 前 2016-10-27

We made 207 changes since February 2016 for improved performance, security and user experience.

Apologies for any inconveniences.