Genesys 是专门提供食品与农业植物基因资源信息的全球性门户网站。通过这个最大的互联网门户站点,用户可以在世界各地的基因库里搜寻素材。
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Passport data validator

最后由 Matija Obreza 更新 1 天 前 2017-9-21

The accession passport data validation tool is available at The tools spell-checks taxonomic data and performs checks of latitude/longitude against country borders and water areas.

Genesys release 2.1

最后由 Matija Obreza 更新 1 天 前 2017-9-21

The maintenance release 2.1 adds DOI support to Genesys and fixes minor issues with the website.


Survey: Tell us about your experience with Genesys

最后由 Nora Castaneda-Alvarez 更新 3 个月 前 2017-6-27
We invite you to take part of our feedback survey to help us improve Genesys. Tell us about your experience using Genesys, the features you like the most and the improvements you would like to see in the future.
The survey should take 10 minutes to complete.
Please take the survey at:

Genesys as source of data on ex situ holdings for the Second GPA

最后由 Matija Obreza 更新 3 个月 前 2017-6-19

Genesys may be used as a source of data on ex situ holdings for the Second Global Plan of Action on PGRFA.

National Focal Points (NFPs) who wish to report on the implementation of the Second Global Plan of Action for Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (Second GPA) and whose national inventory of ex situ holdings is published and downloadable from a web information system using MCPD descriptors, such as Genesys, may opt to report on Genesys:

  1. All germplasm in their base collection(s); and
  2. Unique accessions which are stored in medium/long-term conservation facilities and are expected to become part of the national base collections.

By publishing collection data on Genesys the NFPs do not have to submit accession-level passport data again to FAO. FAO should be informed accordingly (email: and will retrieve information from Genesys periodically.

NFPs are reminded to monitor the implementation of other areas of the Second GPA by using the WIEWS Second GPA Reporting System.

List of passport data updates

最后由 Matija Obreza 更新 4 个月 前 2017-5-15

The Last updates of passport data shows the dates and numbers of accessions (historic or active) last uploaded to Genesys by our partners. Similar information is displayed for every genebank in their Genesys profile page (e.g. IITA has updated 30,479 records on 12 October 2016 at the time of writing).

Direct link to Last updates of passport data is located in the "About Genesys" section of the Genesys navigation bar.


最后由 Nora Castaneda-Alvarez 更新 6 个月 前 2017-3-22

CATIE added their coffee collection (1,990 accessions) to Genesys.